Loose Paneer vs Packed Paneer

Loose Paneer vs Packed Paneer

When was the last time you went to the market and bought lose daal or oil or some other grocery item? We always look for the FSSAI mark, nutrient content, manufacturing details, etc on every product we buy then why do we forget all this when it’s paneer’s turn? 

Next time when you’re out grocery shopping, consider the reasons given below before you buy lose paneer. 


Most of the loose paneer that you buy in the market is usually made in the homes or shops of the vendors, which leads to the questions like is there a strict procedure, do they have any safety and hygiene precautions, what type of ingredients they’re using, and so on. Answer to most of such questions would be disappointing. But when it comes to packed paneer, you can get answers to all these questions in a positive. 

Yes, Paras has a strict procedure and safety and hygiene precautions in place, be it for paneer or any other product, and proving our claim is the FSSAI mark you’ll find on the products.


 The quality of the paneer depends on the kind of ingredient being used to make it, such as the freshness of milk. We have a strict manufacturing procedure and we only use the best of the ingredients to bring you the paneer. The same cannot be said for the vendors selling lose paneer.   


Can you tell the exact details of manufacturing for lose paneer? Can you tell how long till you can use it? The answer to both these questions is no. 

Packed paneer on the other hand has both manufacturing date and expiry date clearly mentioned on it which gives you the exact details about the freshness of the product you’re consuming.  

Nutrient Content

Packed paneer has a clear label that gives you all the information you need before consuming a product. Be it nutrient contents or the manufacturing details, you’ll find it all in the labels. This is another aspect to consider before you buy lose paneer next time. Neither you’re aware of how fresh the product is, nor you have an idea of what’s going inside your body. 

Protein Content 

Paneer is a vital part of Indian dishes, and it’s among the significant sources of protein in the Indian diet. With paras paneer, you get a high quantity of protein, but this can’t be assured with lose paneer, as there’s no surety of the ingredients and the product freshness. 

Hygiene and Safety

It’s common knowledge how lose paneer is manufactured and handled. All the process is done with hands without any safety and hygiene protocols. Even after the paneer is made, you’ll find it in the open in shops for flies to feast on. When you purchase that paneer, it’s sold to you in unhygienic polythene bags. This whole process screams germs. Paras paneer on the other hand is only touched when you open it in your home to cook it. 

These reasons should be more than enough to make the right choice when you buy the paneer next time. It’s a food item that you and your whole family will consume and therefore, even the slightest risk shouldn’t be neglected.