4 Impressive Benefits of Curd for Your Health 

4 Impressive Benefits of Curd for Your Health 

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Humans have consumed curd for hundreds of years, and it’s a prominent part of the Indian diet as well. It’s very nutritious and improves your health from various aspects. You could eat curd as a snack or a part of your meal, the choice is yours but you should eat it every day, and here are some essential reasons. 


Rich In Nutrients 

Curd contains mostly every nutrient that is required by our body. The primary of these nutrients is calcium, and we all know the importance of calcium for our bone and teeth health, but what most people don’t know is that a cup of curd can fulfill almost 49% of your daily calcium requirem

Helps With Digestion

Another great benefit of the probiotic supply that you get from curd is good digestion. The probiotics in the curd improve your gut health and activity which further helps with digestion. So if you’re having indigestion issues, include curd in your daily diet and you’d notice a significant difference very soon. 

Helps In Weight Management

Protein is another nutrient that is found in curd, very richly might we add. We all know the importance of protein in our daily diet and from about 200 grams of curd you get 12 grams of protein. 

An impressive benefit of protein is that it keeps you full for a longer time which makes you consume fewer calories, in turn helping you manage your weight. Some studies have shown that people who consumed curd, consumed about 100 calories less in dinner as compared to other people who snacked on less protein-rich items.   

Stronger Immunity 

Consuming curd on a regular basis may improve the strength of your immune system and reduce the chances of you getting sick. 

The probiotic found in curd does more than just helping your gut health. Probiotics have been shown to be linked with reduced inflammation which is linked to several health conditions including viral infections. Researches also show that in some instances, curd has reduced the duration and severity of the common cold.