Can Paneer Help You Lose Weight?

Can Paneer Help You Lose Weight?

Are you trying hard but still can’t lose those stubborn few kilos? We’ve got an amazing solution for you. Paneer can be a fantastic way to go when trying to lose weight as it’s loaded with nutritional value and satisfies your hunger rather than leaving you craving for more. Also, paneer tastes amazing and therefore suppresses your need to feast on unhealthy snacks. Read further to know in detail how paneer can be helpful to lose weight: 


Rich In Protein 

Going for a protein-rich diet is usually the first step that is suggested when we go on a weight loss journey because protein is the building block of muscles, and that’s where paneer comes into play. Paras paneer is rich in proteins and contains all the nine essential amino acids. Paras paneer is a great option for vegetarians as it’s a variant for meat and eggs and fulfils most of your daily protein needs. 

Low In Carbs 

High in protein and low in carbs and calories is your answer to all the weight loss problems and that’s exactly what you get in Paras paneer. Paras paneer is loaded with protein but has comparatively very few carbs and hence the calorie count goes down, making your weight loss journey so much easier and yummier.  

Full of Healthy Fats 

There are two types of fats: good and bad. Good fats are the ones that are immediately broken down after consumption and used to fuel the body with energy. Bad fats on the other hand are the ones that get stored in the body and contribute to weight gain. Good fats also help you stay full for longer and make you consume lesser calories, and that’s exactly what you get with Paras paneer. Paras paneer is a source of healthy fats that your body needs to keep you energized throughout the day.  

A Source of Conjugated Linoleic Acids 

Conjugated linoleic acids are quite a common supplement for weight loss. It helps you lose weight by fighting the fats and helping you gain more muscle and dairy products like paneer are a good source of CLAs.  

It’s Satiating 

Apart from all the nutritional value, another benefit of eating paneer is that it’s satiating. It helps you feel full, unlike the other diet supplements that leave you hungry and always craving for more. Other than that paneer tastes great both raw and when cooked in healthy ways and that’s just a bonus. 

Very Versatile

 Paneer is a very versatile food item, it can be consumed raw or cooked in numerous ways with multiple vegetables. That’s another benefit that comes when you choose Paras paneer as your way to go to lose weight. You won’t get bored eating the same thing over and over and therefore leaving your healthy diet plan in the middle. With the Paras paneer diet, you get multiple options that keep you healthy and satisfied.