Buttermilk: Nutritional Facts and Benefits

Buttermilk: Nutritional Facts and Benefits

Butter Milk is a traditional drink of India which is usually consumed in summer to lower down the body temperatures and improve digestion. In the Northern parts of India, it is also called Chaach. Basically, Paras Chaach is a leftover liquid after churning the paras milk into butter. 

You can either make buttermilk at home from Paras Milk or buy it from the market Paras Chaach, Paras Masala Chaach, etc.

Do you know about the benefits and nutritional value of your favourite Paras Masala Chaach?

Let’s know more about buttermilk:

Availability of Nutritions

Buttermilk is full of healthy nutrients; one cup provides you with enough nutrients. One cup of Paras Chaach consists – 98 calories, 12 grams carbs, 3 grams fat, 8 grams protein, 22% of Daily Value calcium, 16% Sodium, 22% Vitamin B12, 13% Pantothenic acid, and 0 grams of fat. 

Benefits of including Paras Chaach in your meals

Following are the benefits of Paras Masala Chaach: 

Easy To Digest

The lactic acid present in paras masala chaach is easy to digest. Few people with lactose intolerance can drink cultured buttermilk with almost zero side effects. As lactose-intolerant people don’t have enzymes to break down lactose, the lactose in buttermilk already breaks down by the bacteria available in it. 

Provides Energy

The riboflavin – Vitamin B available in paras masala chaach produces energy in your body. It also supports your body to regulate amino acids which produce proteins. 

Lower Blood Pressure

Research conducted on 34 people with no blood pressure issues, who consume buttermilk shows results that – decrease in systolic blood pressure by 2.6 mm Hg, 1.7mm Hg of mean arterial blood pressure, and 10.9% enzyme converted by plasma angiotensin-I. 

Research shows that the consumption of paras chaach lowers down blood pressure levels and is good for health. 

Scientists are working on it to provide more accurate results.


Healthy Gut

The bacteria are available in the buttermilk act as a probiotic. You need healthy bacteria to help you with digestion and when your stomach is ill, the number of bacteria decreases. That time the good bacteria in paras chaach help you with digestion and keep your gut healthy. 

Strengthen Bones 

Buttermilk consists of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D which is a rich source of nutrients that maintain bone strength and reduce the chances of diseases like osteoporosis. 

Many people don’t consume enough phosphorus recommended by nutritionists. Eating phosphorus and calcium-rich food reduces the chances of bone-related problems among adults. The lower levels of phosphorus and calcium in blood vessels increase the chances of osteoporosis among aged people. 

Vitamin K2 makes your bone strong and prevents bone breakdowns. 

Help With Cholesterol Levels

According to a two-month study, consuming 45 grams of buttermilk daily reduced triglycerides by 10% and cholesterol by 3%. A compound available in buttermilk named Sphingolipid absorbs the cholesterol of your gut.

High-level cholesterol is responsible for major health risks and consumption of paras chaach indirectly reduces health risks issues in your body.