Benefits of Drinking Milk Post-Workout 

Benefits of Drinking Milk Post-Workout 

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Are you looking for a drink to have after you sweat out from the workout?

But drinking milk after a workout not only fulfils the requirement of certain nutrition but also adds further nutritional value to your body. 

Milk is considered one of the healthiest drinks, post-workout. It helps you to recover all the nutrients and electrolytes you have lost during the workout:

Benefits of Paras Milk

Let’s know how paras milk help to recover our body post-workout:

  • Source of Carbohydrates 

Paras milk is a great source of carbohydrates. A glass of milk has 120g of carbohydrates and all the carbohydrate loss during a workout is restored by a glass of milk. Lactose is the primary source of carbohydrates in paras milk. If you are not lactose intolerant, drink a cup of milk after a workout. 

  • Muscle Recovery

Paras Health Milk has extra protein than other milk available in the market. Which helps muscle recovery. Two types of proteins are available in milk – Whey and Casein. Whey digests quickly, while Casein tends to take time and digests slowly. Eventually, both of the proteins are broken down into amino acids and delivered through the body via absorption in blood to repair and recover the muscles. 

  • Rich in Electrolytes 

During the workout, the electrolytes are lost through sweating. The paras milk consists of two types of electrolytes sodium (130mg) and potassium (40mg). Your body dehydrates during the workout as sweat. All these nutrients and electrolytes rehydrate your body, even more than water and any other sports drink. 

  • Rich with Vitamin D 

Milk is fortified by many countries to enhance its nutritional value. Vitamin D helps your body with calcium absorption and enhances bone density. It is good to consume Vitamin D fortified milk during winters or in cold regions to fulfil the Vitamin D requirement in the body. Vitamin D affects performance and strength. 

Is drinking milk beneficial after all types of workouts?

According to research, milk is beneficial after both resistance exercise (weight lifting) and endurance exercise (jogging, biking). Both the exercises exhaust the body and your body needs to recover with enough nutrition. 

To enjoy all benefits, how much milk should one drink?

You can have your milk with some banana, protein supplement or simple carbs within an hour of heavy workouts and training. The type and measurement of milk consumption depend on the exercise goals and nutritional requirements of an individual. 


Paras milk is considered among one of the best drinks to consume post-workout. The rich amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals make it wholesome food. Also, Paras milk consists of 16 nutrients that are responsible for body health. From drinking milk post-workout, you are not only getting the required nutrients but receiving additional nutritional value. One can drink chocolate paras milk to maximize the benefits of milk post-workout. 

Work out regularly and enjoy paras milk with maximum nutritional goodness.