6 Ways To Incorporate Curd in Your Daily Diet

6 Ways To Incorporate Curd in Your Daily Diet

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Are you tired of eating plain curd all the time? Curd is one of the healthiest dairy products which has high nutritional value. According to doctors, one must include curd in a daily diet. But, how to eat that plain curd daily is quite boring. Yes, it is understandable eating the same food daily can be boring, but what if you can consume curd in different ways? 

6 Ways To Eat Curd Daily:

Let’s check out, what can we eat with curd to make it yummier:

  • Rice Kanji

The right way to eat curd is to include rice kanji, a south Indian dish, into the daily diet. To prepare rice kanji, you overcook the rice in a huge amount of water. For flavour add salt and coriander leaves. It improves your digestion. 

  • Buttermilk

Common summer drink of Indian households. Buttermilk is very healthy; it improves digestion and manages your body heat during the summer season. 

Some people simply dilute the leftover curd with water and stir it properly, your plain buttermilk is ready. To add taste and flavours either you can add salt and pepper or a tadka of curry leaves, rye seeds, and chilies. Include a minimum of 1 glass of buttermilk in your daily diet. 

  • Smoothie

Here is the answer to your “how to use curd in food” – make a smoothie from curd. Consume smoothies during the morning or evening for best results. Smoothies finish your hunger and keep your stomach full for a few hours. 

Take a bowl of leftover curd and your two-three favourite fruits. Blend them and your tasty smoothie is ready. Add sugar or honey for more sweetness. 

  • Curd Rice

What can I eat with curd? The answer is rice. Curd rice is one of the most nutritious and healthy foods. 

Add a tadka of rye seeds, spices like salt and red chillies, curry leaves to a mixture of curd and rice. You can store it in the refrigerator to eat later. 

  • Dahi Chaat

Looking for more interesting and right ways to eat curd? How about adding some leftover curd to the chat? Dahi Chaat is one of the most famous and tasty street foods. 

Dahi Chaat is made of potato, sev, papdi, dahi, and chutneys. If you want to keep your chaat healthy and yummy, avoid using salt, instead use chopped onions and tomatoes. What else is a better way of eating curd?

  • Raita

The most popular and tasty way to consume curd daily. Raita is often served with biryani, paratha, and main course. It can be made in different types. 

Dilute leftover curd with water, add salt, pepper, and boondi in the mixture, your boondi raita is ready. To keep the raita healthy, as boondi has a lot of calories, add onion, cucumber to the curd, along with species. This slurpy dish will be your vegetable raita. 

Final Words

Hope these different ways will solve your problem of “how to use curd in food?”. But make sure, the curd you are eating daily should be healthy. These recipes will give a twist to your plain food.