Tips : Healthy Ways To Start Your Day

Tips : Healthy Ways To Start Your Day

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It is said to “have breakfast like a King,” because breakfast is considered to be the most essential meal of the day for the body, and it should be nutritious and healthy. It is this time of the day when the body’s metabolism gets started and having a heavy and nutrition-loaded breakfast boosts up your energy and maintains the glycogen level of your body. Eating breakfast tends to keep your body more physically active for the whole day as compared to people who eat in the latter part of the day. 


Since time is changing and moving at a faster speed, everyone seems to be in a rush and people hardly find time for themselves. People usually tend to skip breakfast to save time but this issue can be solved by adding dairy products to the breakfast. Dairy products are loaded with nutrients and are a good source of protein to the body. 


Dairy products that can be easily added to the breakfast are:



India is the largest producer of milk in the world and it has become a habit for the Indians to consume milk daily which is easily available to anyone anywhere. It is a powerhouse of nutrients. Paras Milk is a good source of proteins, calcium, good fats, vitamin D, vitamin B12, potassium, phosphorus, and many more which are perfect elements for breakfast. Some easy but healthy breakfast taken with Paras Milk can be bread, cornflakes, oats, pancakes, granola, etc. Consuming a glass of Paras Milk in the morning gives the right start to the day adding essential nutrients to the body. 



The combination of sugar and curd is great for the overall health, especially for the stomach besides the beliefs that our elders hold to eat this before stepping out of the house. Paras dahi can be taken with bananas, flattened rice, oats, upama, etc. Paras dahi is considered to be a superfood that helps in treating lots of health issues. Having Paras dahi in the morning is beneficial for your intestine. It helps to grow good bacteria in your body which further boosts your immunity. Paras dahi is rich in fiber, iron, is low in calories and is easy to digest.



With its versatility, paneer also known as cottage cheese can be an easy-to-go breakfast that is high in nutrients. It is super rich in protein, fats, iron, calcium, and magnesium. Including Paras paneer for breakfast can make you feel full for a longer time which gets digested slowly and keeps you energetic all day and also increases the number of hormones that makes us feel full like GLP-1, Peptide (PYY), and CCK. It can be added to a sprout salad, sandwiches, scrambled paneer with bread or chapati, etc. 


Chaach (Buttermilk)

Studies have shown that consuming buttermilk or chaach every day helps in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people with high cholesterol levels. Paras Chaach is rich in proteins, vitamins, and several minerals but low in calories and fats. Drinking a glass full of Paras chaach in the morning keeps us hydrated and energetic throughout the day making us feel full, thus reducing the unnecessary consumption of junk food. It is an ideal drink for people who want to lose weight and also helps in keeping gastrointestinal worries away.


The body starts functioning right from the time we wake up and breakfast is a fuel that our body requires to perform, just like a vehicle needs petrol for its movement. No matter how busy a schedule is, skipping breakfast is not a good idea. It is important to provide healthy and good food to your stomach for the body as well as the brain to work properly.