Know Your Dairy Products

Know Your Dairy Products

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Everyone needs the best when it comes to our family and also our body. As we all know that dairy products are healthy for our body and provide us with some essential nutrients and proteins that play an important role in building our body strength. 

When it comes to the dairy products that we consume daily, there arise many questions that come to our minds. Here is a certain list of questions that can help you know your products well.

How is cow’s milk different from other alternatives?

Well, there is a wide range of milk that is available and can be consumed according to specific body requirements. Besides cow’s milk, there is some plant-based milk like almond, oats, soy and many more. However, cow’s milk is mostly consumed milk in India ranging from the younger ones to the older ones. Cow’s milk provides eight times more naturally occurring proteins, vitamins, and minerals which provides a high amount of calcium and vitamin D as compared to almond milk. Plant-based or non-dairy milk is usually not recommended to children between the age group of 10-15 years of age because the nutrition and proteins that cow milk can provide is not present in non-dairy milk. 

Is the sugar present in the milk beneficial for the body?

A glass of milk contains 12g of natural sugar known as lactose which breaks down in the form of glucose and galactose. These in turn helps in providing energy to the body in form of good carbohydrates. The principal constituents of milk are fat, proteins, lactose and minerals making it one of the most nutrient-dense beverages for your body to consume.

How many servings of dairy do kids and adults need daily?

Adequately dairy intake is important for active young athletes as well as adults which generally provides proper nutrients and calcium to the body. It is recommended to give one to one and a half glasses of milk or two to three small pieces of paneer to children up to 8 years, and around two to three glasses of milk and six to seven pieces of paneer beyond 8 years of age. 

Around three to four glasses of milk and half cup paneer are beneficial for adults.

Which dairy products have probiotics?

Fermented and probiotic foods are made with microorganisms, although not all fermented foods are considered to be probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when consumed in adequate amounts may deliver health benefits. These are present in milk, curd, paneer, cheese and some others. Probiotics help in maintaining a healthy balance in your body by fighting off the bad bacteria which might have entered your body and you may feel sick. 

These are some common questions that might help you know your dairy products in a much better way because it is important to know the benefits and effects a particular product has on your body. Eat good, stay healthy!