How can Dairy Products refresh your body and mind? 

How can Dairy Products refresh your body and mind? 

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As the summer is approaching, we always wish to consume some cool and refreshing drinks or snacks that can keep us fresh and energized the whole day. Summers have always been exhausting and tiresome, and our body constantly requires something refreshing so we do not feel drained out during the day. 

When we think of refreshment, dairy is the first thing that comes to our mind that is healthy and delicious. The protein present in dairy products helps us stay full for a longer time and keeps us energetic all day. We should all choose to be strong and healthy and dairy acts as a convenient source of immune-boosting nutrition like vitamin A, vitamin D and protein. 

Some dairy products that are listed below can be added as a refreshment, especially during summers for you to have an easy-going lifestyle. 


India is considered to be the largest producing country in regards to milk and people down the line do not miss a chance to consume milk whenever they are offered. From children to teens to adults to old-aged people, everyone is fond of consuming milk because they are aware of the fact that how healthy it is for our body all year round. Some incredible refreshment drinks made from milk which are perfect for summers can be milkshakes of any flavour of your preference, almond milk thandai, rose sharbat, plum drink, etc. Each of these drinks contains certain nutrients, and have benefits of their own. Milkshakes and drinks during summers can refresh and relaxes your mind, and re-energise your body for the day. 

Buttermilk (Chaach)

Buttermilk is another refreshment drink that can be consumed in summers that are beneficial for the body and gives us the energy to work all day. Starting a day with buttermilk helps us stay energised the whole day as it keeps us full and also keeps our stomach cool, protecting us from the immense heat during summers. It also boosts our immunity protecting us from the heatwaves, or the loo you face during summers. Probiotics present in buttermilk helps our body to maintain good bacteria and keeps us away from all infections.


Curd (Dahi)

Another healthy snack that can turn out to be good summer food is dahi. It keeps your stomach cool and is beneficial for your digestion. It also maintains your gut health. Dahi can be added to your meal as it refreshes your mind and your body in a healthy way, and helps you to work for long hours. Frozen curd, sweet curd, lassi, vegetable dahi raita, fruits dahi raita are some beneficial add ons to your meal that keeps you fresh for a long time. 

To start a day with enthusiasm, in the middle of the day when we are stressed, or as the day ends we might need refreshments. Taking a step towards good health and providing refreshment to our mind and body simultaneously, dairy products are the perfect addition we can make to our diet.