Benefits of Dairy for Psychiatric and Diabetic Treatment

Benefits of Dairy for Psychiatric and Diabetic Treatment

Milk sugar or lactose is a form of carbohydrate. It is a disaccharide made up of monosaccharide glucose, and galactose. It is found naturally in dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt, curd etc., but that doesn’t mean consuming lactose is something to worry about since it won’t increase the sugar level as it is naturally present in milk and milk products. It breaks down and assimilates causing the least effect or none at all on the blood sugar level.

For Diabetic Treatment

There is a common myth that drinking milk will lead to diabetes and increased blood sugar levels. But the reality is the opposite to it. The consumption of milk in teenagers decreases the risk of getting diabetes at a later age. Milk has lactose which is a natural sugar and can be broken down in the body with the help of an enzyme called lactase. It means that it will only meet the daily need for carbohydrates in the body. It will not affect the insulin metabolism in the body. Therefore it is not a matter to be worried about because drinking milk doesn’t lead to diabetes. Diabetes is a disease caused by lifestyle factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, weight gain or obesity, etc. So consumption of milk is good for your body and can be useful in a variety of ways. Milk is no less than a wonder food for your body.

The question that arises in the mind of every diabetic person is whether they should consume milk or not?

“According to doctors there is no problem with the consumption of milk in diabetes.”, but as the age progresses the ability to digest milk reduces. Milk is digested by the enzyme called lactase, the production of which decreases by age. So if you can digest milk you should consume milk and if not, you should try other dairy products such as curd and cheese.

For Psychiatric Treatment

Milk consumption has several benefits. The most common ones are the health of bones and teeth. But do you know common psychiatric problems can also be treated with the drugs derived from milk? According to research, the peptides derived from milk, hydrolase are capable of effective treatment of common psychiatric problems. It is also safer in the treatment of chronic mental health disorders. Many pharmaceutical companies are working on various milk factors such as milk peptides which are obtained from milk hydrolase and can be helpful in the treatment of common psychiatric disorders such as panic attacks, anxiety, and mood disorders. Also, milk has vitamin D which is crucial for the healthy functioning of the brain. It increases memory and sharpens the brain. Therefore, milk is a magic drink that can help improve our mental health.

Milk and dairy products should be necessary food to be consumed daily whether you suffer from diabetes or not. From children to adults, each body type requires milk or dairy products as these are rich with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and are important sources of calcium that are highly beneficial for the body.