Best Badam Thandai Recipe

Best Badam Thandai Recipe

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During summer, people want a kind of refreshment that makes them feel energetic at once after consuming it, and in the market, there are several such drinks. The main motive here is to give people such kind of drinks that not only refreshes them but also provide them with enough energy and good fat to keep them going for a long time. Therefore, a better option for them is badam thandai. It is the drink which provides you with enough energy, calories, and good fat, and it is full of nutrition. Hence the recipe for this drink is as simple as its name. 

How to make Badaam Thandai with toned milk?

First, you need to have 10 to 20 pieces of almonds (badam), or according to your need and soak them in the water the previous night before making the drink. Remove the upper layer of the almonds and grind them in a mixer. Add some cardamom powder (ilaichee), a pinch of black pepper and dried rose petals for flavour in the paste. In a glass of toned milk, add sugar as per your requirement. People, who avoid sugar, can replace sugar with sugar-free or jaggery powder. Finally, add some ice cubes and mix them well. Your refreshment is ready to be served. It is a pure natural drink with a lot of benefits.


Benefits of having badam thandai

  1. Helps in detoxing the body.
  2. Provide enough energy to the body along with good fat.
  3. There are no added preservatives.
  4. Boosts your immunity system.
  5. Improves the quality of the skin.
  6. Helps to make the mind stronger.
  7. Improves digestive system.


Badam Thandai is quite a refreshment during summer as almonds (badam) are a rich source of vitamin E, monounsaturated fat, fibre, biotin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and many more which the body requires. Consuming such refreshments will help you to stay active for a longer time.