Benefits of Adding Lassi to Your Daily Diet

Benefits of Adding Lassi to Your Daily Diet

In India, there are several seasons and one of them is the summer season, which contains lots of heat and also air pollution. No doubt there is already extreme pollution in the air but when it comes to summer the pollution increases because of heat, pollution from factories and many other reasons. Due to these seasons, our body is full of toxins and chemicals, and people don’t have much time to pay attention to them. Now lassi is one of the best things people can have anywhere and anytime. It can be added to the daily diet, which helps detox the body and has many other benefits. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t require any recipe or procedure to make.


How will it help your body detox chemicals?

Lassi is a good source of lactic acid and is also full of nutrition. But lassi is also very beneficial in detoxing the body, it contains lactic acid which helps to detox the body and throw out the toxins and chemicals from the body. There is a suggested way to have lassi for detoxing the body, which is to have a glass of lassi before breakfast when the stomach is empty, its nature is cold, therefore, it will not have any side effects. In the market, there are different flavours of lassi but to detox, the body’s natural lassi is recommended.

 Other benefits of adding lassi to your daily diet


  • Nutrients in lassi 

Lassi provides us with many healthy nutrients like protein, vitamin A, C, E, magnesium, calcium, iron, good fat, sodium, potassium, and dietary fibre in sufficient amounts, so it is complete nutrition. 


  • Energy

It provides complete energy to us because it has all the necessary nutrients which contain a good level of energy for our body. Lassi is a complete food in itself.


  •  Boosts immunity system 

It also helps to boost the immunity system. As we all know that after Covid it is very important to have good immunity, and people who don’t have enough time for their body can simply add lassi to their daily diet.


  • Hydration

In summer the body is dehydrated and it also prevents skin problems, constipation, weak hair etc. Somehow people are not able to drink sufficient water for their body to hydrate, for some reasons like having a busy schedule or not being able to drink4-5 litres of water per day, but there is an excellent source to hydrate the body by adding lassi in the daily diet.


  • Increase the count of good bacteria in the body.

In our body, there are many bacteria and lassi is the source which increases the number of positive bacteria in our body.


  • Helps to make bones strong.

Lassi is a good source of calcium which fulfils the needs of bones and helps them to grow wisely.


  • Maintain the level of cholesterol and blood pressure.

As it is mentioned above, it contains all necessary nutrients in sufficient amounts, which don’t allow our body to imbalance the level of cholesterol and blood pressure.


It is a source of complete nutrition which helps a person to live a healthy life.