Maintaining Gut Health With Dairy Products

Maintaining Gut Health With Dairy Products


Microbiota, good bacteria, is responsible for avoiding gut-related health issues. It is found to interact with the epithelial lining in our intestines to strengthen the immune response to various conditions. 

Whichever food products contain probiotics, they will aid in maintaining good gut health. Following are some dairy products one can take for better digestion:-

  • CURD  

Many pieces of research have established that curd helps strengthen our body’s immune responses. It even calms the body down when taken with sugar. There are many food items which use curd for fermentation. All such items that contain curd as one of the main ingredients can be consumed without worrying about indigestion. 


By the name itself people confuse it to be a high fat, buttery, greasy milk which is bad for health. But, they are far from the truth. In reality, buttermilk is the leftover fermented by-product that we get after the process of butter extraction from high-fat milk. It helps not just in digestion but also normalises the acidity in the stomach. It is advised to consume butter milk to reduce the burning sensation in the stomach due to heat or spicy food. It is helpful to consume buttermilk with ginger and salt when the patient suffers from diarrhoea. It reduces any sort of irritation because of acid reflux. 


Yogurt is not similar to curd. It uses the bacterial fermentation of milk. Curd, on the other hand, is made by curdling the milk using edible acids such as lemon. Yoghurt is beneficial to your gut in many ways. It is a probiotic which will not only aid in your smooth digestion but will also strengthen your immune system. Various gastrointestinal conditions including constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, etc. can be avoided by using yoghurt in your daily diet. Those who do not consume milk can eat yoghurt made from plant-based milk. Thus, they can avoid lactose intolerance and also keep a healthy gut. 


Digestive system is responsible to break down food. Phosphorus and magnesium help in that process and then easy excretion also. Paneer contains these nutrients and many others which help in our overall health. It helps with indigestion, keeps infections at bay and improves our response to diseases. Vitamin D found in Paneer helps in preventing cancer. Sphingolipid is a kind of chemical that helps in avoiding colon cancer in its initial stages. 

Many green leafy vegetables are cooked in curd to make different dishes, and buttermilk is used to make the famous ‘kadhi’ in Indian households. Dairy products should be consumed daily for the various benefits they have to offer.