Does Dairy Products Cause Cardiovascular Diseases?

Does Dairy Products Cause Cardiovascular Diseases?

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The excess of saturated fatty acids is linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. The presence of SFA’s in dairy products has made experts and dieticians suspicious of their intake regularly. They suggest that people should consume only low-fat or no-fat milk and other products. Now this recommendation has many problems. Most of the nutrients that whole milk contains are not readily available in other food items. People are largely dependent on milk products to meet their nutritional needs and prevent various diseases. Skimmed milk leaves you unsatisfied and you get cravings all day which is again not a good thing. 

These results have been scientifically reviewed and analysed by many researchers. They have used meta-analyses and have reported inconsistencies in the results regarding the relationship between dairy products and cardiovascular diseases regardless of the fat content. Additionally, fermented dairy products like curd have good bacteria that help maintain gut health. Milk has bioactive that are considered low in fat proportion. 

Now the meta-analyses have not been uniform in their observations. There is no direct relation between CVD with dairy fat. Mercedes Sotos-Prieto did another study from the Department of Environmental Health, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. 

He and his colleagues found all the results trying to establish dairy products as the cause of heart diseases to be inconclusive. Yet again there was no association with cardiovascular diseases, all-cause mortality and dairy fat consumption.                                    

Something that nature has produced for us hardly affects us negatively unless we are allergic to it or are seriously ill. Dairy products including milk, butter, paneer, and ghee protect us from various diseases like cancer, infections, and even diabetes. The relation is inverse. It is always advised to be cautious with the amount of fat we intake but not taking it at all is not going to help us. It is going to increase various other problems. Fat is as much needed as carbohydrates or protein. Motivated efforts in form of articles/research papers with no direct evidence and political campaigns against the dairy industry should not discourage you from reaping its benefits. Moderate consumption of all dairy products and consultation with your regular physician to check if any problems exist internally should be enough to keep you healthy.