Reason why you should eat curd in winter

Reason why you should eat curd in winter

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Are you stopping yourself from consuming curd during winter?

Know here every reason why you should eat curd in winter!

We all know curd (‘Dahi’) helps maintain gut strength. Dahi is beneficial for people who have digestive problems. Since this is a probiotic-rich food it can easily be digested. Hence, we know that Dahi is meaningfully helpful during the summer season. But why should we consume Dahi during winter?

Well during winters our body needs more immunity. Hence, it is advised to consume food that will help increase our immunity and protect us from falling sick. Dahi is a rich source of calcium and has other essential nutrients in it. It helps in preventing indigestion problems like gas, acidity, bloating, etc.

Let’s know some of the benefits of eating Dahi during winter

Helps in Preventing Cold and Cough     

Curd is rich in vitamins, potassium, magnesium, protein, and many more. It has lactobacillus which helps in keeping harmful bacteria and infections away from the body. Dahi is rich in vitamin C which is excellent in treating colds and coughs. Avoid storing curd in the refrigerator rather prefer consuming it right after buying.

Good for Digestion

It’s not hidden that curd is one of the best food which helps in digestion since it manages the pH level in the body and thus helps in preventing acidity.

Increases bone strength

Curd helps in making the bones of the body strong. In winter our body is more prone to being infected. The presence of calcium in Dahi helps in balancing bone density and helps make it stronger. Curd contains less fat and calories and helps in maintaining weight as well.


During winter our skin drys out the most. Dahi has natural moisturizing ingredients which prevent the skin from drying. People who are having acne due to gastrointestinal problems can include curd in their diet which will be beneficial for them. However, it can be said that curd is in charge of keeping your gut happy and healthy. All you need to do is include it (Dahi) in your diet.

Here are some ways to consume curd indirectly

  • Adding curd while making wheat dough. Also, chapatis which are made from this dough are very soft and contain nutrition in it.
  • Add Dahi to fruits like pomegranate, bananas, and strawberries which keeps you fresh and active all day long.
  • It’s always a great idea to add Dahi to your salads which makes them delicious and gives more energy. So what’s stopping you from having your ‘Raita’?
  • You can have cucumber or pineapple raita which will keep your stomach healthy and cool.