5 Milk Based Drinks For This Winter Season

5 Milk Based Drinks For This Winter Season

Here are some very delicious milk based recipes for this winter to keep you warm and comfortable.  

Custard Milk

What’s more comforting than a creamy custard milk. You just need your favourite custard powder, mix few spoons in water and then pour it in boiling milk . Stir it until it’s creamy in texture and then garnish it with your favourite nuts. Serve hot and enjoy your evenings. 

Dry Fruit Milk

It’s both delicious and healthy. Dry fruits keep your skin and hair health intact and also give you strength. To make it you need your favourite dry fruits like pistachio, cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc. Grind them finely and add the mixture to boiling milk. You can add cardamon and any sweetner like sugar or jaggery for flavour if you like. It’s quick and easy. 

Spiced Golden Milk

This milk is a natural immunity booster. If you drink this daily, you do not need to take any tablets or other supplements. Just take regular milk and coconut milk in the same quantity. Add some dates, turmeric powder, cinnamon powder, black pepper and mix it in a mixer. Warm this milk on medium flame. Add some dry fruits if you like. Cook it and then add some honey for sweetening. Enjoy your natural immunity boost. 

Gajar and Badam Milk

If you were lucky to stay with your grandma in your childhood, you must be aware of this tasty drink. To make it you need to soak dry fruits like almonds and dates in warm water for 15 minutes. Chop radish and grind it well along with the soaked dry fruits. When you get a thick consistent paste, add this to boiling milk and cook it for 10 minutes. You will get a creamy orange colour. It tastes like gajar ka halwa. You can add fry fruits and kesar for taste. 

Hot Chocolate Coffee

We all like coffee but this time it’s chocolatey. You will need 1 spoon chocolate powder, 1 spoon coffee powder and 2 spoons sugar. Whisk it with some warm water or milk. Take some chocolate of your choice and mix it in some milk till it melts completely. Take ¾ cup milk and boil it. Add the chocolate milk to this boiling milk and cook for 3 minutes. When you are done add this to your whisked coffee cup. Enjoy this warm and cosy beverage this winter.