Refresh Your Mind & Body with Dairy Products

Refresh Your Mind & Body with Dairy Products

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Anything that we consume will trigger release of certain hormones or enzymes that regulate our mood and affect the functioning of the body. There are various effects of dairy products on our mind and body which are as follows:- 


Curd is rich in not only calcium but phosphorus that help building strong teeth. Its probiotics improve our immunity and gut health naturally. It is a popular home remedy for shiny hair and brighter skin since ages. By relieving you of any stress, curd helps prevent anxiety and improves brain function. 

Butter Milk

If you suffer from acidity, butter milk is the remedy. It helps in digestion and also keeps you hydrated. Studies suggest that it helps control bad cholesterol in the body. It is highly recommended for BP patients as it reduces blood pressure owning to the presence of bio actives. Additionally, if you are trying to lose some weight, butter milk can aid in weight management. Many suffer from insomnia in today’s hyperactive, extremely stressful environment. Butter milk helps cure that when consumed on a regular basis. 


It has all that is needed to fight breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Protein, Calcium, Vit D, Sphingolipids help fight cancer in its initial stages and prevent it too if taken in enough amount. It has nutrients that help build a strong body and improve brain function. It has low carbohydrates and magnesium which makes it suitable for diabetic patients and obese people trying to shed some extra kilos. Paneer is rich in vit B12 also. It is necessary for improving memory and strengthening nervous system. 


It is a complete diet in many ways. Milk is rich source of calcium which makes your bones strong, prevents fracture and other bone diseases like arthritis. When taken warm, it helps sleep better and avoid stress. It has potassium, Vit D, and amino acids that improve brain functions responsible for memory and learning. It keeps you calm and relaxed when included in your daily diet. 

There are lot of other benefits of dairy products. If something natural is available that can improve your overall health and well being, switch to that instead of surviving on pills.