Benefits Of Drinking Hot Drink In Winters

Benefits Of Drinking Hot Drink In Winters

Nutrient Content

We all know that milk is packed with essential nutrients that boost our immunity and promote good health. When we warm the milk there are certain properties that have soothing effect on our brain. In this winter season warm milk should be part of your daily life to prevent flu and other viral infections. 

Good Night Sleep

Drinking hot milk before bed is widely advised by experts. Milk has tryptophan which helps in releasing two crucial hormones namely serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin functions to relax our mind and boost our mood. Melatonin is the sleep hormone which helps us sleep better. So, together this process helps us sleep better at night. 

Weight Management

Majority of the population gets a little lethargic in winters and the physical activity is reduced to minimum while we seek the comfort under our soft blankets and eat all kinds of winter special spicy/oily stuff. Now drinking warm milk can help you fight any side effects of this lifestyle. One of them is weight management. Warm milk can help you reduce your weight. It will improve satiety which in turn will help you prevent unhealthy snacking. 

Improves Oral Health

Many suffer from bad breath and taking care of hygiene is one big job during winters when you really don’t want to touch water again and again. For all the lazy people in us who avoid brushing twice daily, oral problems are common. Warm milk helps re-mineralisation of teeth, makes them strong and fights bad breath problems. 

Aids To Improve Health

We all get a little concerned for the elderly and patients especially during winters. The season is harsh on their health and sometimes deteriorates it too. A glass of warm milk without any sweetener works to keep any weakening of body and mind in check. It also helps control blood sugar levels in type 1 diabetes patients. All the other benefits mentioned above coupled with its medical use, warm milk is a must to have in winters.